The Purpose of this Website

I created this website to serve as a resource for those who seek to deepen their understanding of the nature of our reality – who we truly are – as well as to show how we could begin to embrace this true reality and survive the changes that are currently occurring to our world, impacting our current way of life in it.

The world is in peril, and our way of life is under an existential threat. Our established way of life is based on the social contract by which we all agree to be bound by certain rules that would allow us to share the happiness that the physical resources of the world provide. However, outside of this social contract is the ever-lurking chaos of our true reality, before we structured some of it into being civilization or a social contract way of life. This reality is comprised of the true nature of our humanity, of each person, and of the natural environment in which we live, with values and priorities that are different from the ones we have established for living in our social contract environment.

Our social contract values are based on the inequality created by ownership, money, identity, ideology, races and social class, among others, and our participation in society is based on how we see ourselves in comparison with others and what groups we tend to identify with. This is a discrimination that makes it possible to be exclusive in our pursuit of happiness, creating an environment of scarcity and the suffering that leaves the needs of billions of people unmet.

We have further imposed these limitations to the environment in which we live by limiting our interactions and experiences of it to the names and the labels we have attached to each, which impose a restriction on how they could be perceived.

The major peril that our humanity is currently faced with is that of scarcity, and is created by three main causes:

  1. The personal peril that has always been a threat to our humanity is that of not knowing the purpose of existing in the world, and for that reason, not knowing the end to which we should use ourselves, our relationships with each other as well as with the things that are available in our living environment.
  2. The social peril that threatens the social contract way of life is that of competition for the mutually exclusive use of the resources of the world. This competition is at the root of all the conflicts and suffering among people and nations of the world, and is a result of scarcity as created by our way of life.
  3. The third peril is that of climate change, and how natural phenomenon within and outside our earth contribute to the chaotic and mostly destructive weather patterns, earthquakes and the volcanic activities that could now be witnessed on a wider scale. The climate and environmental issues exacerbate the question of scarcity, making it necessary that we redefine our values and create from them a new and more inclusive social contract.

Our current way of life can no longer be sustained, and what we need is the courage to embrace new ways of living and to collaborate as the people of the world in working creatively to envision and define a new way of being in our world. The primary purpose of this website, the book I wrote as well as the role of Reminder that I am assuming, is to help humanity to know itself better; to know our purpose for being here in life, the abilities we have for living, and how best to live in any environment of our world. Within ourselves we already have the ability to embrace and adjust to any new form of reality outside of what we are already used to, and we need to begin to remember ourselves and to develop these abilities in time to begin to deal with the environment in which they would be more useful. To resist this change would only serve to prolong our state of unreadiness, all of which could lead to our extinction.

As it stands, humanity’s very existence is in peril, and a more collective human effort is required to save our planet, and ourselves.

This is my part in that effort!