The Four Truths of Reality


Following are the universal truths within which all the situational laws that govern our reality operate. They are true and universal because they operate the same in any part of reality, regardless of context or situation. Once we understand how they work, they begin to unlock within us the power to direct our lives so that we could create more happiness as we eliminate suffering. 


Everything that we regard as existence or creation is all one thing, distributed over space and time into the fragments that we know as us, and everything else. Each one of us is literally one with any other person or thing that we could ever perceive as different from ourselves. Our minds are one with our bodies; each of us is one with our Earth, the planet that sustains us, and for that reason we are one with each other, and together with our planet we are one with all other bodies out in space.  The unity or state of oneness of all things, before creation distributed them over space and time, is the being of God.  


In their distributed form, everything assumes its own situational identity, which is based on the unique part of space and time where it is located. It is because of this uniqueness that we could give it a name and distinguish it from other things. From where each thing is located, the oneness of creation is perceived differently, creating a unique way of perceiving existence – a perspective. The attitude by which we regard each fragment of this oneness to be of the same essence as all other things, is the holy spirit – the spirit or attitude by which we see anything as being a part of other things, of the oneness or wholeness of creation, even in separation.


The purpose of the unity of existence is harmony. In its expanded form this harmony continues to prevail whenever its unique aspects assume the attitude of oneness even with those whom they perceive as different from themselves. When this harmony occurs in a situation it is happiness, and when it happens in the broader situations of our lives, it becomes peace. Peace is the only purpose for which everything exists. In that way, it is the highest ideal for which every aspect of existence aspires. With God as the oneness of all existence, peace is the will of God that motivates creation – the reason for existence.

Presence of mind (Perception)

The harmony that results from our interactions with any other aspect of creation could only be realized by being aware of it. Consciousness is the primary function of the mind by which it becomes aware of peace as the primary purpose of being, the imagination, the thinking process, the things we remember, the decisions we make, the health state of our bodies and the situations in which we live. This awareness serves to ever look for evidence of our oneness with different other perspectives of life and is the primary reality of each being. It is by being witnessing the purpose of creation (peace) unfold in every situation of life that we realise the oneness or being of God that resides in each of us.