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We Are God

We Are God

The Power Is Within Us

Book Launched: 10 September 2022

Book Price: R297,00

Number of pages: 356 pages

Book available in Paperback and KDP (Amazon)

Yesss! We finally launched the book on the 10th September 2022, at the Johannesburg Art Gallery! Our sincere gratitude to all who supported us, and who continue to buy the book.

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The Book Launch

Book Review

“The subject of Goitsemang’s book is no less than the totality of things. He argues, persuasively, that all the apparently diverse elements and processes of existence are deeply connected and interacting. This belief continues to be espoused by many of the world’s great thinkers and is entrenched in various philosophical systems. 

‘Holism’ is one of the rallying cries of the modern age, and ours is an age that desperately needs a system of unifying principles and ideas if the planet’s diverse peoples are to find each other and emerge intact from the difficulties that surround us and may destroy us.

There are nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout the book. Goitsemang’s examples range through the full gamut of human experience, and the underlying message is simple and reassuring – harmony is the mainspring of the integral world. This message is sorely needed, and Mr Mabiletsa is deeply committed to conveying it.”

— Sirion Robertson
(retired senior lecturer in human physiology, Rhodes University).