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Against False Alarms!

We are living through rough times. Many things are changing and many of us may even be wondering if we can ever cope with these changes.

Please take it from me, you can cope with anything that comes your way. Just look at how old you are and think of all the rough things that you have survived in your life up to this moment. You are reading this today because you survived each and every single one of them. Congratulations! That’s how tough you are, that is who you truly are.

However way the weather, the economic or political situations in our country or the world change, you will always find a way to pull through. So, keep trusting yourself. You are not as weak as you or anyone may think. Now, for you to remain strong you need to do yourself a favour.

Deal only with real things. If ever you have to worry about anything, worry only because there is something to worry about, not because of an unfounded story on social media, or rumour. Of course, some rumours can turn out to be true, but we also know that most of them are false, and used merely as way to stair people up, make them fearful and helpless. For you to protect yourself against them, you need to know the difference between a real story and a rumour.

Do not allow yourself to be frightened by anything that anyone says until you have made an effort to find the right information. Only then you can decide what action to take. In other words, do not run away just because you saw a spider, it may be a plastic spider, made to look like the real thing. Look properly, ask questions, make up your mind. Please, find a way to test for yourself any scary or exciting thing that people post on social media. Social media is not a trustworthy source of information. It provides us news without giving the opportunity to ask questions. That is not how the truth is established. The truth is not one sided. It can be established by viewing any story from different points of view. Somewhere among these perspectives the truthfulness or falsity of a story can be determined. We need to be curious, to ask questions, get answers and decide if we believe those answers correlate with the other things that we hold to be true. We need to decide whether or not to believe the answers we get to the questions we pose!

Please, do not allow your peace to be disturbed by rumours of wars, turmoil, and chaos if you have no way of finding out if they are true or not. Instead, find the facts; read news from different sources and verify any major story. Talk to people and try as much as you can to understand your environment, personally, locally, nationally, and globally, in order to also have your own informed opinion regarding what is happening in your world. In that way, you won’t take what someone says to you at face value, and to protect yourself from other people’s panic and false alarms.

Be ever aware that not everything you see or hear is true, so, stay calmly within your power and verify!! If you’re not sure about a story, don’t share it. Remember, even a lie, repeated over and over again, may start to sound true. So, start to protect yourself from rumours, while also making sure that you do not make yourself an instrument through which these rumours are peddled. Deal only with things that you can give your full attention to, and in that way your ability to understand them better and to know what to do would increase.


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